Nadeche Altena, you could call her a concept designer, graphic designer, photographer and artist, but she prefers to call herself 'a thinker'. Depending on the goal to be achieved, she chooses her expertise. The chosen expertise always reinforces the goal instead of the goal having to be adjusted or chosen based on her expertise.
As a thinker she observes, creates, changes, beholds, fantasizes and admires. As an intuitive thinker, she has no limited hours, and ideas always flow. Inspiration not only comes from outside, but also from the now 25-year archive. Every action, situation and thought can be a source of inspiration.
Did you know art could not exist without thoughts? She pushed that to the next level and made experiences which must be experienced, to not only see and hear the art but, to also feel it. For example, envision a space that tilts. Your mind loses focus, and your body loses its balance. She used her view and inspiration from the outside and inside to create an experience, where she influences your mind and body.
She is a true possibility, broad and visual thinker and with this ability creating is limitless.
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